YAĞMUR LEATHER comes right at this point; without losing any values from its production line, with escalating motivation and excitement towards domestic and foreign markets, TABAK family is continuing its 400 years old production line, with its modern and ecofriendly facilities in Turkey, Aydın – Karacasu and recently in Turkey, Uşak. OUR COMPANIES HISTORY IN LEATHER INDUSTRY COMES BACK FROM 7 GENERATIONS. WE HAVE COME UP TO DAY BY PASSING OUR EXPERIENCE FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION. Our companies production capacity has been constantly growing and we are now capable of answering demands of saddlery and shoe industries majorly with the leathers we work from small cattles ( goat, capricorn, lamb, sheep ). Our leather work facilities are continuing production in Karacasu – Turkey and Uşak – Turkey. As a principle, we strive to produce better than yesterday, every day. We aim to provide the best, most sturdy and most economical products to our customers. YAĞMUR LEATHER , with years of experience and knowledge, works products with zero mistake and never compromises on sturdiness.. Thank you for choosing YAĞMUR LEATHER

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